Posted by: Stan Russell | March 28, 2017

The Pfeiffer access trail is complete and open for use

Pfeiffer Trail Information 3/27/17

The Pfeiffer access trail is complete and open for use.

The trail will be open from a half hour before sunrise and a half hour after sunset. Use of the trail is limited to local residents, school children and service workers who work in businesses south of the demolished Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge.

State Parks is issuing waivers and passes to use the trail. Those needing a pass can get one at the Big Sur Multi Agency Facility which is open daily from 9 am to 4 pm. Businesses can send a list of their employees to State Parks, which will provide signed passes and waivers which can be filled out at the worksite and sent back. Employers can email their list of employees to bigsurstation.

To make it easier for those on the south side of the bridge, State Parks will be on hand at the Big Sur Deli this week to issue passes. Here are the times, please share widely:

Tuesday, March 28th 1-5pm
Wednesday, March 29th 7-11 am

Those signing up for waivers or passes at the Deli or at the MAF need to be sure to bring valid ID.

Brent Marshall, Martha Karstens, Gerry Malais – Unified Command



  1. As the bridge will not be available shortly (maybe next year). Is it possible any bypass road will be available for travellers’ vehicles in the next few months?

    • Hello Wang, There isn’t a bypass road. They are fixing the bridge as fast as possible and have now set the completion date for September 31, 2017.

      • Thanks so much for the information. BTW, is there any estimated time to open the road south of the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge?

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