Posted by: Stan Russell | April 14, 2017

Big Sur Marathon Employee Highway Passes

Hello Big Sur Businesses,

Employee passes for Sunday morning are available once again at the River Inn motel front desk.

Employees will need a pass if they are traveling from town and need to be at work earlier than the first southbound caravan will arrive in Big Sur (the first SB caravan leaves Otter Cove at 8:35am, and should arrive in the Big Sur valley around 9:30am).

To use a pass, the vehicle must be south of Otter Cove NO LATER THAN 5:30am, so south of Rio Road no later than about 5:15am. Leave yourself a few minutes margin to be safe. The passes will expire at 6:00am.

Also, remember that the posted caravan schedule is an approximation only – actual times may vary depending on several factors.

Please arrange for someone to pick the needed passes up at the River Inn between 9am and 5pm any day this week.

For more Big Sur International Marathon race day information or to download a printable Caravan Schedule visit


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