Posted by: Stan Russell | April 19, 2017

Post Ranch Inn, Nepenthe, Phoenix Shop, Hawthorne Gallery to Open Thursday, April 20

Hello Everyone,

Post Ranch Inn, Nepenthe, Phoenix Shop and Hawthorne Gallery reopening Thursday, April 20th.

Post Ranch, Nepenthe, Phoenix Shop and Hawthorne Gallery are all reopening on April 20th. We are all excited to reopen our businesses, and hope that the community will pass on this message to their friends. Post Ranch will be flying its guests by helicopter, flying to and from Del Monte Aviation, which is located at the Monterey Airport directly to Post Ranch along the coast. Post Ranch will only be open for breakfast and lunch for its in house guests, and dinner by reservation. Nepenthe will be open for lunch, dinner and cocktails. The Phoenix Shop and the Hawthorne Gallery will be open 7 days a week.*

We look forward to getting our employees back to work, and appreciate everything that CPOA and the community have done to get the trail built and support the business community and its employees.

* Presently, Highway 1 south of Pfeiffer Canyon is still closed to the general public so Nepenthe, Phoenix Shop and Hawthorne Gallery will be serving locals and customers of Post Ranch Inn. Highway 1 south of the Pfeiffer Canyon is expected to open to the public at the end of May and we’re looking forward to seeing everybody again.

Post Ranch Inn has posted a nice video promoting their helicopter service.

Nepenthe/Phoenix Shop has an online store available. Also, the website camera has a view of the coastline.

Hawthorne Gallery

Mike Freed on behalf of Post Ranch
Kirk Gafill on behalf of Nepenthe and Phoenix Shop
Greg Hawthorne on behalf of Hawthorne Gallery


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