Posted by: Stan Russell | May 15, 2017

Community Meeting, By Locals for Locals Tuesday May 16

Hello Everyone,

Looking forward to seeing many of you on Tuesday Night.

Community Meeting, By Locals for Locals

Tuesday May 16, 5:30-7pm at Loma Vista (probably the stage area)

Come prepared to Share your Ideas/Concerns and Solutions. We will take these back to the Unified Command Meeting on Monday May 21.

In order to hear from everyone we will be asking each person voice only One idea, which we will write onto a large Chart and One Solution. If we have time we will go around for a second idea and maybe even a third. Hopefully we’ll get all the ideas up onto the board.

For those not wanting to speak up, we will have a “suggestion box” where you can write down your ideas. We really hope to hear from everyone.

To make things Fun and in keeping with Big Sur, we will have Popcorn and snacks! We’ll also be holding a Raffle. Not as a fundraiser, just for the sheer fun of giving things away.

If you cannot attend but want your voice to be heard by the unified command, feel free to email me, I’ll pass along your ideas.

T-shirts will be for Sale $10.00


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