Posted by: Stan Russell | May 15, 2017

From Unified Command Regarding Bypass Trail

The Unified Command wishes to remind local residents and authorized users of the bypass trail of the following best practices:

Stay on the trail, do not take shortcuts. Erosion from shortcuts creates additional demands on limited resources to maintain trail and protect natural resources in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park.

Do not litter, please pick up and properly dispose of trash that may be found on the trail.

Leave trail, park and parking areas cleaner than you found them.
Be respectful of neighborhood surrounding meadow and trail head parking – avoid making excessive noise and do not enter Multi-Agency Facility housing area or Caltrans/USFS facilities.

Use designated trailhead entrance on north end, do not climb over or cut through fencing between meadow parking area and Pine Ridge Trail.

Be respectful and considerate of campers when walking through campground after Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park opens to the public.

If you become aware of problematic behaviors or activities on the trail, please report these to the staff at the Multi-Agency Facility.


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