Posted by: Stan Russell | May 25, 2017

Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge Bypass Trail Update

From John Deluca, State Parks

Today I was given information from John Hiles that the department will be conducting much needed trail repairs to the Emergency Trail at South Camp in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. The repairs will focus on getting the trail back to original condition (re-widening, slope repair, step maintenance, etc) after taking damage from day to day wear and tear and also from trail misuse including cutting new volunteer trails off of the proper trail.

The Repairs will occur from Friday 5/26 through Wednesday 5/31. The work is scheduled to begin in the mornings after the schools kids are off of the trail and the work should be ending before the school kids get back. The exact times are not yet known but could be 0730 to 1500. We are waiting on specifics from the School District.

During the repairs, efforts will be made to lessen the inconvenience on the local trail users. The crew is hoping to be able to allow access to those waiting to use the trail and limit disruptions to no more than ½ hour at a time. State Park representatives will be stationed on each end of the trail to provide traffic control during construction hours.


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