Posted by: Stan Russell | August 2, 2017

Caltrans Releases Plan for the Reopening of Highway 1 at Mud Creek

Date: August 1, 2017

District: District 5 (Central Coast)

Contact: susana.cruz (bilingual) or jim.shivers

Phone: (805) 549-3138 or (805) 549-3237


Caltrans Releases Plan for the Reopening

of Highway 1 at Mud Creek

BIG SUR, MONTEREY COUNTY – Caltrans today released plans detailing its initial strategy to expedite the rebuilding and reopening of Highway 1 at Mud Creek. Department officials announced that a new roadway will traverse over the site of the massive Mud Creek slide.

The new roadway will be realigned across the landslide and will be buttressed with a series of embankments, berms, rocks, netting, culverts and other stabilizing material according to department engineers and geologists.

“Our staff has been working hard to tackle the weather-related challenges faced by Highway 1,” said Malcolm Dougherty. “We have made tremendous progress on Pfeiffer Canyon, have opened Paul’s Slide and now we have good news on the slide at Mud Creek. Our goal is to reconnect the areas impacted by the winter storms as quickly and safely as possible.”

This strategy will allow Caltrans to rebuild the roadway more quickly and at a lower cost than other alternatives such as structures, a tunnel or major earthwork that places additional fill into the ocean.

“This plan is a win-win for the hard-hit Big Sur community and this pristine coastal environment,” added Caltrans District 5 Director Tim Gubbins. “Our emergency contractor continues working dawn to dusk every day and will continue until we can safely reopen the highway.”

Caltrans sent its initial roadway rebuilding plan to various state, local and federal resource agencies last week and will continue to work closely with them and the Big Sur community until the highway is reopened.

The landslide occurred on May 20, dumping more than 5 million cubic yards of material onto the roadway and into the ocean, making it the largest slide ever along the Big Sur coast. Caltrans’ expects having a timeline for reopening and anticipated cost details by the end of August.

A news media opportunity will take place Thursday, Aug. 3. All interested media meet at Ragged Point Inn on State Route 1 at 10 am sharp. Media is required to bring/wear safety gear: hard hat, vest, boots and safety glasses. RSVP is recommended.

–Photos below—

Photo of Mud Creek Slide from June 1, 2017

Aerial photo courtesy of John Madonna from July 17, 2017


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