Posted by: Stan Russell | June 1, 2018

Friday Night Art Reception – Pacific Grove Art Center

Earth, Sky, Water
New oils by Erin Lee Gafill
Art Reception Friday June 1
7pm – 9pm
Pacific Grove Art Center

Saturday 2pm/4pm
Art Demo & Gallery Walk

“Painting is falling in love again.”
Henry Miller

When you love a place it changes you.
You cling to it and remember it and dream about it and long for it.
Painting Big Sur from memory and dream strips everything away but what matters.
Sea and Sky and Earth and Oak become elemental forms, shapes of color, interactions of light and shadow.
In these paintings light and color dominate.
What doesn’t matter falls away.
What matters rises up.
The painting seems to exist already, and it is a matter of bringing it to the canvas intact.
I have observed, drawn, painted, and dreamt of this place I call home for over fifty years.
To me it is still a dream, a muse, a calling.

Though no effort of mine can ever touch its beauty, it’s beauty demands that I make the attempt.

– Erin

The Pacific Grove Art Center is open Wed-Sat 12-5. Located at 658 Lighthouse, Pacific Grove.

Facebook Event

Erin Gafill, Erin Lee Gafill, Big Sur, CA 93920

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