Posted by: Stan Russell | July 2, 2018

Los Padres officials remind visitors of fireworks ban

News Release
For Immediate Release
July 2, 2018
Media Contact: Andrew Madsen
(805) 961-5759

Twitter: @LosPadresNF

Los Padres officials remind visitors of fireworks ban

GOLETA, Calif. – Los Padres National Forest officials are reminding Fourth of July visitors that the possession or use of fireworks—including the “safe and sane” variety—is strictly prohibited in the forest at all times. Rangers and law enforcement officers patrolling the forest will be strictly enforcing the ban in all areas of the Forest.

A violation of the law could result in a $5,000 fine and/or six months in jail. In addition, anyone causing a wildfire is liable for all costs associated with suppressing the fire.

The Forest asks that all forest visitors take the following precautions to prevent wildfires:

Know Before You Go!

· Contact the Ranger Station nearest your destination to obtain information on current conditions

· A valid California Campfire Permit is required whenever visitors have a campfire or use lanterns and portable stoves using gas, jellied petroleum or pressurized liquid fuel. Permits are available free-of-charge at any Forest Service office or by visiting All flammable materials within a distance of five feet from campfires and camp stoves must be cleared and a responsible person with a shovel must be present at all times while campfires and stoves are in use.

· Smoking is permitted in areas at least three feet in diameter that are barren or have been cleared of all flammable materials.

· Operating internal or external combustion engines requires a properly installed, maintained in effective working order and approved spark arresters.

You Can Help!

· Make sure your campfires are “dead out” prior to leaving, by adding water and stirring until ashes are cold.

· Avoid parking vehicles on grass, as hot engines can ignite dry vegetation.

· Report any suspicious activity to the nearest Forest Service Officer or Ranger Station. To report a fire or other emergency, call 911.


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