Posted by: Stan Russell | July 6, 2018

Highway 1 Climbing Lane Project Update for Week of July 9th

July 6, 2018

Highway1 Climbing Lane Project Update for Week of July 9th

Work crews will have regular daytime work hours this week: 7:30 to 3:30 p.m.New this week:

  • Caltrans will be modifying the county signal on Rio Road foreast/west bound traffic
  • Construction crews will be placing concrete for sidewalks andgutters on both sides of Highway 1
  • Commuters will see crews paving Rio Road Thursday and preparingto shift to Stage 2, the final stage of this project, next week. You cansee a graphic of what will be done during

Looking ahead, locals will be happy to know that on July 16th, Rio Road will be completely open for traffic, the cement barriers will be removed.

Barriers will also shift on Highway 1 so that drivers will be able to usenewly paved roadway.

Good news about the “No Parking” signs which have been placed near the entrance of Point Lobos. Drivers appear to be heeding the signs.

CHP is enforcing.

Remember – business and shopping centers near theconstruction area are open! For easier access, drivers candetour to Carmel Valley Road and Carmel RanchoBoulevard until Rio Road us fully open.

For more information, or to sign up for project updates, contactChristine Poe at PoeCor (831) 755-5025or Grant Leonard at

grantor (831) 775-4402.


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