Posted by: Stan Russell | April 2, 2022

B-SAGE Big Sur Community Event- Fire and Drought discussion

FREE Earth Month Community Event on Fire and Drought

Big Sur Advocates for a Green Environment (B-SAGE) is pleased to announce an upcoming collaborative event. It will be at the Big Sur Grange on Thursday, April 14th from 5 to 8 pm. The event is titled “Managing fuels in an extended fire season; Our landscape in a drought”. This sounds like a topic for a Big Sur Fire representative, right?

We are genuinely thrilled to announce that Big Sur Fire Captain Matt Harris will speak on this topic (incident permitting) at this event. We imagine that many people want to hear what Matt has to say on this subject. There will be time for questions as well. We invite others with knowledge to share to speak as well.

We are purposefully chasing collaboration with nonprofits, businesses and community members. We NEED many perspectives. Please come and bring your questions, comments and solutions! It feels like time to “partner up” so we can deal with a situation that looms so large here. If we are going to tackle this juggernaut, let’s do it together with shared food and drink. Bringing a potluck item to share is entirely optional. We ask that all beverages consumed on Grange premises be non-alcoholic.

Our thanks to the Big Sur Grange for hosting this event and providing a home for community resilience. If there are any questions or anything to help anyone feel welcome at this event, please email Jess Koning at winterkoning.

Jessica Koning & LaVerne McLeod, Co-Coordinators of B-SAGE & Stephanie Lee, Steering Committee Member,

A Local Area Group of Communities for a Sustainable Monterey County

Download B-Sage Event Flyer in Spanish and English HERE

Stan Russell
Big Sur Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 87
Big Sur, CA 93920
(831) 667-2100

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