Posted by: Stan Russell | November 21, 2022

Ventana Wildlife Society presents GIANTS OF BIG SUR: California Condor Stories

Ventana Wildlife Society presents GIANTS OF BIG SUR: California Condor Stories

In 1997, the stories of the California Condor and Ventana Wildlife Society became forever intertwined. Twenty five years later, we created a series of award winning, short films so that we could bring these stories to you.

Our passion project, Giants of Big Sur: California Condor Stories, provides an in-depth look at what Ventana Wildlife Society, and our partners in conservation, have done, and continue to do, to save the critically endangered California Condor. The road has not been easy, and there is still more to be done, but we continue to make great strides towards saving this majestic species. We look forward to sharing the story of our journey with you.

Join us for the in-person premiere at Lighthouse Cinema in Pacific Grove, CA, or via livestream, on Saturday, December 10th at 4:00PM (PT). Stick around after the screening for a live Q&A session with film Director and Host, Ross Thomas, the series’ Director of Photography, Mike Buffo/Houseof8Media and Ventana Wildlife Society. We look forward to answering your questions!

Be Well,
Kelly Sorenson, Executive Director

Stan Russell
Big Sur Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 87
Big Sur, CA 93920
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