Posted by: Stan Russell | March 15, 2023

Big Sur Land Trust’s Race for Open Space

Big Sur Land Trust’s Race for Open Space

Big Sur Land Trust’s 2023 Race for Open Space is a hybrid event taking place over the month of April. Dedicated to fostering an appreciation of natural spaces in Monterey County, the Race for Open Space celebrates the health benefits of time spent in nature while providing an outlet for runners and walkers of all ages to find wonder among Monterey County’s iconic landscapes.

During this year’s Race for Open Space, Big Sur Land Trust encourages you to lace up your shoes, step outside, and find your wonder no matter where you live. People can race designated trail courses and/or join the challenge to collectively walk, hike, and run. Participants are invited to “DIY” their own experience by logging miles on their own, reserving a date to access Big Sur Land Trust properties, and/or selecting a time to experience an Adventure Course on lands closed to the general public.

Access to these lands for the Race for Open Space is made possible through the partnership of Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District, California State Parks, the Santa Lucia Preserve, and the Santa Lucia Conservancy.


  • Virtual: Run Anywhere
  • Big Sur Land Trust properties: Mitteldorf Preserve (4mi, 8.5mi), Glen Deven Ranch (2.4mi, 4mi)
  • Adventure Courses: Palo Corona to San Jose Creek Trail (9.5mi), Palo Corona to Mitteldorf Preserve (21mi), Williams Canyon to Palo Corona (8.5mi), Palo Corona to South Bank Trail (Fun Run) (2mi)
  • Guided Hikes: Palo Corona to San Jose Creek Trail (9mi), Arroyo Seco (8mi), Marks Ranch (3.4mi), Williams Canyon to San Jose Creek Trail (8mi), Mitteldorf Preserve to Joshua Creek (10.5mi)
  • $35 initial registration, $15 for each additional event
  • Youth Discount for ages 12 and under -Adventure Courses priced separately at $75 each
  • Guided Hikes priced separately at $50 and $100, respectively

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