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The Big Sur Blog is here to help inform people about Big Sur. We may sometimes use this as an emergency information page when conditions are such that its needed to distribute information quickly and efficiently. If you have any suggestions for this blog, please feel free to contact me at stan@bigsurinternet.com


  1. Thanks for all the info. This blog is a great source!

  2. Hi Stan,
    I have a client who has inquired about a fine art photographer who specializes in Big Sur scenes.

    Do you have a website?


  3. Hello Stan

    • Hi Pete. Thanks for stopping by and checking out our blog.

  4. Hi Stan!
    Check out my blog, http://www.unhealedwound.com, which just went live today. My post on the Post Ranch Inn wine and food event, held this past Saturday, November 6, evaluates the event with details about some of the food together with some photos at the event. WE loved it!

  5. At this point, we have no idea how long the road will be closed. If you take routine medications, it is very important that you take steps now to assure that you don’t run out.

    If you receive your medication via mail order, check your supply and order refills well in advance. We have been advised that the mail will continue to be delivered.

    If you don’t already receive your prescriptions via mail, now is the time to start! Contact your insurance company and make arrangements to set up your mail order plan, then contact the health center to get your prescriptions ordered.

    If you do not have the capability of accessing a mail order pharmacy, it is extremely important that you check your supply of medications and contact your pharmacy to request refills now!

    An alternative option, to avoid driving all the way to Monterey, is to select either Cambria Drugs or CVS in King City, then advise the health center staff to change your pharmacy location. It is important that you take care of this now to avoid running out. Do not wait until you are down to the last day or two as refills may not be completed in time to coincide with your trip to the pharmacy.

    The Health Center remains open and available to you.

  6. Please subscribe me to your fine blog.


  7. Driving from Carmel to Big Sur in a couple of weeks. What is the best detour?

    • Hi Jane,
      You’ll need to take Nacimiento Fergusson Road over the Santa Lucia mountains. There is a link to a Google map which illustrates this on our website. Follow the link on the front of our website at http://www.bigsurcalifornia.org

  8. Hi Gregg,
    Feel free to write about our blog and link to it.

  9. hello i ame joergen from denmark in 2007 i take the tour from san fransisco to los angeles and back again, on me racingbike (only with 15 pound stof on me bike) great tour!!!!!!!! this year i will take me family with me whiefe, 4 children 2 gran children and a housbond.itt cut be fun if i cut make a special tour in big sur, i will like that-
    if you have some comment it will be nice

  10. How difficult a drive is that?

  11. I would like email notifications when your site posts any updates please. Thanks so much.

    Lee Ann Achterberg
    Page Administer
    Think Progress

  12. Hi Stan, please ad me to your blog mail. Thanks, Dai

  13. “Hwy 1 updates on our blog at http://TheBigSurBlog.com” Show not available. Is it down, or is there another way to access it? I’d like to subscribe to the RSS, if you have one. Thanks!

  14. Great blog, thank you. I was hoping to take a walk at Julia pfeiffer this weekend. With the current slide situation, Is that reachable from Carmel yet?

    • Hi Pauline, Highway 1 isn’t open yet but I feel confident it will be open by this weekend. We post all CalTrans press releases regarding the slide on this blog so return regularly for the latest updates.

  15. Hi Stan,

    I have been going to Big Sur (Julia Pfeiffer State Park) for many years. This year I have reserved multiple dates through July in August. However, I want both sites at the park for my period of stay. Do you know of a way to find out who has Big Sur dates or if there is a way to trade dates with other reservationists? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  16. I will be travelling from Carslbad to Monterey on Thursday October 3rd. I anticipate taking Route 5 north above LA and hitting Route 1 just south of San Simeone. Then travel north through Big Sur into Carmel and Monterey for a few days. I would appreciate any notification of construction, problems, etc. as well as any suggestions.
    Thank you.

  17. Is it safe to cycle from Monterey to San Simeon on #1?

    • Yes, people do it every day.

  18. Hi! We’re hoping to go to Nepenthe Restaurant around April 21, approaching from the north. Will there be some way to do that by then? Do you have any information regarding bridge construction or alternate routes from the north?

    Many thanks,
    Jonathan Hinton

    • Right now it doesn’t seem like that is going to be possible. Caltrans is stating that stretch of highway may not open until May.

  19. I want to ride my bicycle south from Carmel to the broken bridge, then turn around and pedal back to Carmel. Is that stretch of Highway 1 open for non-residents on bikes these days? Thanks.

    • Yes, this stretch of Highway 1 is open to the public. Enjoy the ride!

    • Do it! Not as many people on the road as usual. Have fun!

  20. with regard to cycling, given that the bridge is out I am assuming that the traffic on highway 1 going south from the bridge is much lighter than it has been. Thus, it would seem to be a great time to ride Highway One going north up to the bridge and then turn around and go back south. Is my impression correct?

    • It would be a great time to ride a bike on the coast but it is ILLEGAL for anyone without a Big Sur ID to be inside the closure zone. I’m told at least one person has been fined $5,000 for entering illegally.

  21. Hi Stan,

    First of all: the blog is great! Thanks a lot.

    I’m from Italy and I will be in Monterey in August.
    My plan was to drive south to Morro Bay.
    Now, with the closure of the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge I have to find another way to Morro (and to enjoy as much as I can the beatuful landscapes of the Big Sur Area).

    Maybe, starting from Monterey, I could drive a little bit south till the Bixby Creek Bridge, just to say: see it), then turn back and take the G16 through Carmel Valley.
    Arriving at Greenfileld, get my way till King City (via US101???).
    At this point I could take the G14 and then the Nacimiento-Fergusson road reaching the Higway 1 near Kirk Creek Campground zone.

    Is possible to drive an itinerary like this or I have to consider different options?

    Thanks in advance for your kind help.


    • Hello Davide,
      Yes, your plan will work. You will be able to drive 26 miles south of Carmel before having to turn around. By August the south coast should be completely open to the public so you will have that whole section to explore as well.
      PS. Thanks for the kind words about the blog!

      • Hi Stan,
        many thanks for your kind and fast reply.
        Hope to have good news ’bout the situation of PfeifferCanyon Bridge! Finger Crossed!

  22. Hi Stan, is any chance we can cycling through BIG SUR by 5/8?

    • Caltrans is saying Highway 1 south of Pfeiffer Canyon will open about the end of May. The general public won’t be able to use the highway until then. The bridge won’t be completed until the end of September. You may be able to hike your bike on the bypass trail but not until The highway is open at the end of May.

    • Highway 1 is expected to be open at the end of May or early June south of the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge. At that point you will have access to that section of Highway 1. At this point you can ride the section of highway between Carmel and Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park.

      • Thank you very much….

  23. Hi, we are staying in Pacific Grove and wanted to travel to the Big Sur along the coast. Trying to go through all the great advice … what is the best way to get there with optimum sightseeing but not too much driving for the kids. Many thanks

    • Hi Karen,
      You can drive as far south as Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park – 26 miles. You’ll get to see Bixby Bridge, Garrapata State Park and many miles of sight seeing. Enjoy!

  24. Hi Stan,

    Again Davide from Italy.

    I saw the last update regarding the Mud Creeck slide
    ” Mud Creek slide is estimated may take a year to re-establish Highway 1 so this is will be a choke point until spring/summer 2018.”

    I will be in Monterey in August and my plan was to drive from Monterey to Morro bay via Carmel Valley (G16), then via US101 get to King City, take the G14 and enter in the Nacimiento-Fergusson road and reaching the Higway 1 near Kirk Creek Campground zone.
    After that, drive the Highway 1 to Morro.

    But Now? If the road between Gorda and Ragged poit will be closed till spring 2018,I guess if there are other ways to reach Morro except undo my step on the Nascimiento-Fergusson ans US101.

    Do you have any advice?



    • That’s correct. Mud Creek will keep Highway 1 closed so either skip Nacimiento-Fergusson or realize you will have to exit the same way you came in and go back to 101 south to Morro Bay.

      • Thanks for your kind reply.
        Have a nice day.

  25. Hello, Please find enclosed a complete list of current Dog Friendly Big Sur businesses which and beaches and corresponding photographs of dogs in Big Sur….these are all open for business now, August 2017….below that is a list of businesses that are dog friendly and will be accessible in September 2017 when the new bridge south ot Pffeifer State Park opens….due to open in September 2017….for any info you can reach me, I am the photographer of these photos….Rhonda 831-394-2344 or at the email this is sent from….thanks! Rhonda if YOU EMAIL ME I CAN SEND THE BIG SUR DOG PHOTOS IF YOU WOULD LIE THEM….:) I THOUGHT I’d SEE IF YOU WANT TO DO A POSTING ON THIS….

    Email: rhonda.somerton@aol.com

    ***For Immediate Release***

    Dog Friendly Big Sur: Open for Business

    After a tough year of fires, storms and road closures, the Big Sur Valley and North Coast are open for business. Locals and out of town dog lovers should find this a magical and tranquil time to visit Big Sur Valley with their beloved canine and the businesses and residents appreciate your support.

    Garrapata State Beach is dog a friendly windswept beach. The gully at the beach is a magical place, with a stream running through calla lilies and a crush of wildflowers, as birds dart in and out of the ravine and and multitudes of small lizards scurry about. Dogs must be leashed.

    The famous Big Sur River Inn has a dog-friendly lawn for well-behaved, leashed dogs. Enjoy a glass of wine by the river and listed to Jazz and Folk music from noon to four on Sundays.

    A stone’s throw from the River Inn at the Village Shops, leashed dogs are welcome to shop at the Local Color Gallery and Gift Shop, representing 79 local artists and craftspersons.

    Dog friendly camping at Big Sur Campground and dog friendly camping and tent cabins at Fernwood Resort, provide a relaxing get away with your four-footed friend, sit around the campfire and play at the Big Sur River. Fernwood also has a dog friendly deck, for eats and drinks or to listen to music Saturday nights at 10 p.m.

    The Roadhouse restaurant offers dog-friendly dining for breakfast and lunch on a heated patio. Enjoy a cappuccino and homemade doughnuts or a healthy egg breakfast sandwich with your four-legged buddy.

    Riverside Campground and Cabins have the only dog-friendly cabins n Big Sur and also have dog friendly camping, RV parking and tent cabins.

    Pffiefer Big Sur State Park has dog-friendly day use with picnic tables and a dog-friendly riverside path. Dogs must be leashed.

    Check out the California State Parks website for Dog Friendly Trails.

    After September 2017:

    Pfeiffer State Beach allows leashed dogs…this breathtaking beach is like another world and hosted the famous beach love scene in From Here to Eternity. Get out the sunscreen and explore the tide pools full of sea creatures with your beach loving puppy.

    Nothing compares to the Henry Miller Memorial Library, where you can bring “Fido” and enjoy outdoor events under the trees, a very special experience. The library hosts writing workshops, movies and some very big names in music…check out their website for re-opening and events to come. Leashed dogs welcome outside.

    The Phoenix Shop at Nepenthe welcomes leashed dogs to shop this world famous store, with it’s selection of local art, world imports and fine jewelry.

    The Coast Gallery is old time Big Sur, with it’s famous candles and artwork, the Café here welcomes your furry friend.

    Contacts for Comment and Info:

    Big Sur River Inn, Rick Aldinger, Manager and Chamber of Commerce at 1-800-548-3610

    Local Color Gift Shop, Contact Francesca or Ondine at 831-667-0481

    Riverside Campground and Cabins at 831-667-2414

    Fernwood Resort, Diana Ballyntin at 831-667-2422

  26. Can anyone help me with a place to park my car in Big Sur overnight while I stay at Lucia Lodge. Willing to pay a reasonable amount. Thanks, Larry

  27. Hi,

    Do you have information on when highway 1 will be fully released?
    I will be making this trip in February 2018 and would like to know this information.


    • Highway 1 will be fully open in summer of 2018 but a major part will be opened up on Friday, October 13. There is a detour in southern Big Sur which will take you out to Highway 101 – Nacimiento-Fergusson Road.

  28. is fergason nacimento road to hwy 1 big sur safet for motorcyclist?

    • Yes.

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