Posted by: Stan Russell | March 11, 2016

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park Vista Point/ Cow Cliffs & Elephant Trunk

Hello Big Sur!

Cow Cliffs & Elephant Trunk
Going forward, as the Cow Cliffs and Elephant Trunk projects are in a ‘steady as we go’ stage I will only be sending email notifications out if there is going to be a change, such as an extended daytime one-way traffic control time frame or an overnight closure. Caltrans press releases will continue to be posted in the locations noted below as we receive them.

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park Vista Point
In the meantime, I would like to acknowledge the impressive Vista Point upgrades overlooking Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park at mile marker 37.00. Caltrans did an amazing job with life size mosaics of a California Condor and a migrating Gray whale with her calf. In addition to the life-size mosaics, inlaid in granite stone, several informational kiosks were also installed. Four solar powered ADA audio buttons are installed but the descriptive audio had yet to be programmed in when I visited.

Credit for this impressive artwork goes to Corby Kilmer. Corby Kilmer, Caltrans District 5 Landscape Architect/Transportation Art Coordinator designed the mosaics for these interpretive displays. Ms. Kilmer also designed the kiosks with the assistance of retired historian, Paula Carr and current historian, Alexandra Bevk. The mosaics were cut and installed by the contractor, RSB Group, Inc. from Lake Forest, California.

Enjoy these photos I took while recently visiting the Vista Point but I encourage you all to stop by and have a look for yourself!
All photos by Stan Russell


Life size Gray whale. See her little calf?

Detail of the eye of the Gray whale engraved in granite stone.

Ventana Wildlife Society Biologists Amy and Melissa stopped by to check out the condor art and search for radio signals on nearby condors.

Condor mosaic details


Condor: Returning to Our Skies informational kiosk inserted into a large stone

Whales!: A Spectacular Sight kiosk – information on many of the whales that frequent the Big Sur coast

Redwood Giants: Trees of the Mist

Inspiration: A Wild Coast and Lonely – some of our more colorful and inspired legends


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