Posted by: Stan Russell | February 18, 2014

Henry Miller Library Workshop! World Enough & Time: On Creativity and Slowing Down

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Henry Miller Memorial Library proudly presents: “World Enough & Time: On Creativity and Slowing Down,” hosted by author Christian McEwen, April 6-10, 2014 at the Big Sur Lodge.

A unique and acclaimed workshop that teaches participants to slow down and reconnect with their creative spirit in an ever-chaotic world.

Remember what joy feels like?

These days it can be buried pretty deeply…Omnipresent (and oppressive) technology. Juggling career with parenting. Recess cut from our kids’ school days. Basic things like friendship hacked by our frantic pace. Multi-tasking. Stress. Fragmented attention. It saps our sense of wonder. We forget what fulfills us. Or to quote the English band Blur: “Modern life is rubbish.”

If any of this resonates with you, hear us out. We have a proposal. Join is in Big Sur, April 6-10th for “World Enough & Time: On Creativity and Slowing Down,” an enriching workshop hosted by acclaimed writer Christian McEwen at the Big Sur Lodge.

Here’s what we can promise you:

* A uniquely structured workshop format that’s part meditation, part artistic retreat (testimonials here) led renowned writer, poet, and teacher Christen McEwen (The Nation, Village Voice, Scottish Poetry Library; biohere.)


Christien McEwen

* Amazing people (even friends for life!)

* The quiet of the redwood forest at the Big Sur Lodge – a world-famous artist’s retreat.

* A robust and illuminating workshop schedule that includes reading, writing, storytelling, movies, a talk from Sarah Rabkin of UC Santa Cruz, writer & environmentalist, and more! (Full schedule here.)

* Meals, entertainment, cocktail hour, four nights of lodging – and more!

Bottom line: Participants will learn how to find time. Write and draw in your private journal, draft poems, share stories, reconnect to the natural world, turn off your smart phone (we dare you!) and for goodness sakes, slow down!

There could be no better place than the peace and majesty of Big Sur to sink into this medicine for the heart.

For more information including registration fees, click here:

Facebook even page here.

Questions? Call the Library at 831-667-2574!

And if you know anyone who could benefit from strengthening or reconnecting with their creative spirit in the most breathtaking place in the world, please send this along!

Thank you – and welcome!

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